The pleasure to eat them

The selection of the best raw materials and the meticulous care of every single step of the process combine with the ability to innovate tradition with a pinch of imagination. Good and genuine creations, able to enhance the pleasure of the senses, ready to bring them to the table with taste and joy..

- Preparation
- Packaging
- Spiedini classici

classic skewers, rustic skewers, rosticlassic...

delicious, great to delight the palate, for a barbecue in company, or for a tasty lunch

Also excellent in the pan


Tender selected pork cuts, easy to cook, without dressing in the pan or in the oven!

”Gran Sapore”


They are mini pork skewers where pig shoulders or pig cups are alternated to sheets of lard, determining a red-white color that distinguishes them in the transparent bowl. But not only that. The good balance between lean meat and lard boast while cooking a particular taste and appreciated by consumers of all ages.

100% Italian Product.

Hand-made rustic skewers, one by one with tender selected pork cuts.

”Gran Sapore”