In recent years a new production line has been inaugurated solely to delicacies of poultry meat.

TONDOLI represents the cherry on the cake of the entire range of 100% Chicken products and recall another widely appreciated Effesalumi product made of pork meat: BACIOTTI.

In fact, the TONDOLI are tiny balls about 2 cm large and weighing 6.5 g each. This is possible thanks to a particular production technology, in which the chicken meat is extruded and stuffed into vegetable casing with a particularly small caliber, which gives the products fanciful shapes and sizes.

These minced meat gems are obtained exclusively from the thighs of Italian chickens, selected from slaughterhouses and farms capable of providing traceability that these were born, raised and slaughtered in Italy.

The decision to create a product composed of chicken meat exclusively highlights important characteristics in the nutritional profile: the fat content is limited to 7%, i.e. only the one naturally present in the chicken leg, while the salt content is 1.4% , well below other benchmark products on the market.

As if that wasn't enough, the scrupulous selection of the raw material has led to the creation of products with ingredients free from preservatives, lactose and dairy derivatives, allergen-free and in particular "gluten-free", thus offering an excellent alternative to put every day on table, embracing a wide range of consumers with different needs.

Therefore, it can be said that it is an essential recipe, the result of careful research and development worked by Angelo Fumagalli, to offer products with truly special characteristics. The delicate and light taste of TONDOLI will surely conquer all palates, from children to the elderly.

Effesalumi has developed the packaging to enhance TONDOLI and the entire range of chicken products: in fact, the final product is