Mignon, the pearl of the Effesalumi range

Mignon, the pearl of the range Effesalumi. That’s how we like to define this product that in its small and practical shape encloses a great taste.

The Mignon Effesalumi are the historical salami morsels made with pork "Origin: Italy", natural and gluten-free sausages, without dairy products, lactose-free.

They are made entirely at the production site owned by the company in the province of Bergamo, dedicated exclusively to cured meats. Here, the cured meats are cared for and pampered one by one to acquire the peculiarities that make them unique, good and genuine, thanks to the long and precious experience of the cured meats Master. With their dedication and attention to the different stages of processing, they manage to produce a sausage where no passage is left to chance. Thanks also to the meticulous care of the drying and seasoning processes they obtain this premium product.

The Mignon are distinguished by the choice of ingredients: pork meat are purchased from selected suppliers to ensure the origin: Italy, the components of the recipe are allergen-free (Reg. EU 1169/2011), the filling takes place in natural casing that, with the aging, helps to enhance the typical aromas of the product.

The Mignon are presented as pieces of salami weighing about 50 grams each, tied to rows of five or ten pieces, with mechanical binding, which gives a higher result than the manual one, because the individual pieces are more compact and closed. This small size makes them practical and tasty, suitable for any occasion. When cut, the slice is bright red, compact and with a well-defined grain. Mignon has always been the driving force behind the production of cured Effesalumi salami. Even today, their characteristic sweet taste and delicate aroma, along with the softness and excellent peelability contribute to their success with the Gdo and wholesalers on the national territory.