Quality through choice

In Effesalumi's processing plants, manufacturing technology innovation has always been balanced with respect for tradition, in a dimension that holds dear to the values and importance of working with recipes and methods handed down from ancient experience and wisdom. A continuous technological research, combined with increasing standards of quality as well, has brought an expansion in the Company's activities through the establishment of new factories. In this way, a wide and varied range of products have been launched to meet several consumer needs.

At Effesalumi, a rigorous and careful selection of raw materials is the starting point for obtaining high-quality products. Controls at each stage of the process, attention to details and the importance assigned to the presentation of the product on the market shelves, combined with the constant desire to challenge ourselves through the creation of new projects. All these factors are witnesses of the Effesalumi's success, as a result of the personal involvement of all personnel who truly feel at one with the Company.

a modern alternative and a new research,
to satisfy demanding palates

Chicken, 100% Italiano.