Quality, food safety and environmental policy

The pursuit of product quality and authenticity, the ongoing improvement, the responsibility towards customers and environmental protection are among the fundamental values of our company Effesalumi sas di Fumagalli Angelo & C. These values translate into specific objectives, activities and programs aimed at ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. The Effesalumi Management undertakes to provide the financial and human resources to develop a system based on food safety, the protection of workers' health and safety and respect for the environment; all in compliance with current regulations. Particularly, distributing safe products that comply with the law and quality requirements is the trump card for fully satisfying customer and consumer expectations, thus obtaining growth on the market. Therefore, through our company self-control plan based on the HACCP system, we have improved the hygienic-sanitary aspects of production and traceability over the years. As a demonstration of the constant spirit of improvement, over the years we started by certifying the quality process, environmental, and supply chain traceability management system, we have reached BRC standards and today, we are in possession of the IFS certification. It is therefore the firm will of the Effesalumi Management to develop and follow this Company Policy to permeate and implement it at all company levels.

The Direction Effesalumi

The management of quality

Our company Effesalumi S.a.s. di Fumagalli Angelo & C. is specialized in the production of fresh and seasoned cured meats (outsourced to Effesalumi Due s.r.l.) and is organized in three production sites:

  • Nibionno (LC) – via SS. Simone e Giuda, 14: registered office and logistics.
  • Briosco (MB) – via Garibaldi, 41/A: production site of meat-based products and meat preparations.
  • Castelli Calepio (BG) – via Della Costituente, 26/A: production site with tolling agreement for seasoned products (Effesalumi Due s.r.l.)

Our primary goal is to satisfy customers and we are convinced that their loyalty relies, to a decisive extent, on the quality of the products and on our ability to fulfill their needs and expectations quickly and effectively.

For this reason, our company devotes maximum attention to choose raw materials, to verify their authenticity, to study ever new and better recipes and to develop pioneer production processes.

The quality of our products is not a factor itself but is closely linked to the functioning of the entire organizational and production structure.

Focusing on a careful and in-depth qualification of suppliers, gained over the years, has allowed our company to achieve the following objectives, which are important from a commercial and health point of view:

  • use pork and chicken meat "Origin: Italy"
  • create "100% Italiani" products
  • have no allergens on the label (Reg. 1169/2011)
  • produce "gluten-free", "lactose-free", "milk-free" products

To be more and more competitive on the market and expand the range of products to offer to its customers, our company has demonstrated the ability to know how to renew its facilities (e.g. dryers and seasonings systems and structures) and production machineries (e.g. skewers production, new weighing and packaging lines).

Our company is deeply convinced that, for the economic development, we must always aim to higher standards and this mentality has led us to obtain IFS certification in both production sites: Briosco (MB) and Castelli Calepio (BG).

In this way, the quality policy expresses the company strategy to focusing on continuous improvement, mainly on the following aspects:

  • skills and technical knowledge of personnel in strategic sector of hygiene, food safety, authenticity, and food protection (food defense)
  • leadership management skills to enhance the quality of products and to search for new markets

The achievement of quality standards certification and maintenance involve all the personnel. Therefore, the Management has chosen as a corporate strategy to committing itself to pursuing a reasonable constant improvement of the organizational efficiency of its activities and setting objectives and goals aimed to an ongoing corporate growth.

Commitment to food security

The main objective of our company is food safety, which aims to guarantee the hygienic and health safety of what we produce, in compliance with the current regulations in the agri-food sector. Our commitment to food safety is expressed with thoughtful choices and the management of the following aspects:

  • A Self-Control Plan (HACCP) with risk assessment, identification of specific hazards for the safety of our products and control measurements to ensure the production of safe food for the consumer.
  • A reliable and tested traceability system, capable of managing any product withdrawals and recalls in few hours.
  • The customers complaints and non-compliances management, in particular those unfulfilled requirements related to legislative, authorization-correlated, or voluntary standard.
  • The concerned issues linked to authenticity and compliance of the products.
  • The careful selection of raw materials and ingredients, paying maximum attention to food guidelines and the close relationship between health and nutrition.
  • Labeling that complies with current regulations, to guarantee to consumers the necessary information on the product they are going to purchase.
  • The selection of qualified suppliers, possibly consolidated over time, capable of complying with the required product specifications.
  • The formation of a new food safety culture to develops specific skills, increasing the liability awareness of the individual's work and stimulating improvement and productivity.

To guarantee these fundamental aspects, the Management has implemented the following activities:

  • Annually drawing up a detailed "Objectives Plan" compliant with this Policy.
  • Consulting and participate in training meetings organized by category associations and/or institutions, with the aim of being updated on issues concerning the safety and legality of the product.
  • Reviewing the Policy and the "Plan Objectives" at least once a year.
  • Reviewing the quality and food safety management system at least annually, in order to prevent any risk and to verify at the same time the effectiveness of the parameters adopted.

Attention to the environment

Environmental protection has always been important for the Effesalumi Management, operating in full compliance with current regulations. Indeed, in the past, the company has implemented an environmental management system in line with the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard and, over the years, keep on controlling the environmental impact, trying to improve processes in an effective and sustainable way.

Aware of the impact, both direct and indirect, that the activities carried out by our company have on the ecosystem, both for the production processes and for the use of products activity-related, the Management is implementing strategies oriented towards environmental sustainability. Particularly, it undertakes to:

  • waste reduction,
  • annual check of atmosphere emissions, in compliance with the Single Environmental Authorisation,
  • check the quality of the discharged water, in compliance with current regulations,
  • respect separate waste collection, with the aim of reducing the amount of non-transformable waste,
  • use resources efficiently (e.g. water, gas, electricity) and monitor facilities consumption through environmental indicators
  • quantify the CO2 emissions deriving from our production activity, with the aim of identifying improvement strategies
  • develop and share our own “code of ethics”

The safety of workers

For years, our company has implemented a Health and Safety Management System in compliance with current legislation, taking into account the nature and extent of the risks of our activities, as well as the specificity of the organizational structure. In recent years, this System has undergone an important integration for the assessment of aspects related to the COVID-19 Pandemic situation.

Through the implementation of this system and its continuous updating, our company wants to undertake an ethical path in order to address the safety and health issues in the workplace (according to the UNI INAIL ISPESL guidelines "Guida operativa per l’implementazione di un Sistema di Gestione della Salute e Sicurezza sul Lavoro (SGSSL)" and ISO 45001) and social responsibility (according to the SA 8000 standards).

In this area as well, the Management undertakes to:

  • Make all the human, material, financial and instrumental resources available necessary to keep the Management System updated.
  • Make continuous improvements to the working environment with the aim of preserving the workers’ health and safety as well as protecting their physical and mental well-being.
  • Ensure that the working environment is healthy and motivating for staff.
  • Periodically train personnel on specific occupational safety issues.
  • Provide adequate accident prevention systems (both for the personnel involved and for the equipment).
  • Promote the general principles in compliance with the law, fairness and working loyalty among personnel, sharing a code of ethics.
  • Ensure health surveillance.
  • Ensure the maintenance and periodic surveillance of fire-fighting equipment.