Personal commitment

Passion for our own work, simplicity and authenticity - these are the values that have shaped our company Effesalumi, these characteristics have allowed us to create an industrial site strongly rooted in the Lombard territory, and successfully producing genuine and high quality Cured Meats that are also "tasty to sample".

Taking care about each product with a high regard to enhance passionately its peculiar traits are the values that Egidio Fumagalli wanted to pass on to his children. The growth of Effesalumi over the years is the natural consequence of this legacy: a constant wish for continuous improvement it has been the true strength of this company since foundation.

The story of a family and a man
who knew how to roll up his seeves

The story of Effesalumi starts from a humble man, Egidio Fumagalli, who knew well the meaning of hard work, and the value of the family. The experience gained in sector-leader companies in the making process of meat and in the production of both fresh and seasoned products is the engine that allows him to start his own activity at 43 years, already father of three children whom he transmits his passion.

Thanks for yesterday, today and tomorrow

With his passion, tenacity, willpower and even a hint of madness that Fumagalli Egidio produces tirelessly cured meats from Brianza tradition, seasoned salami, cured meats, sausages and salami, which they know how to conquer the taste of an increasing customer demand. The passion and dedication of this extraordinary man is the greatest heritage for the children, who today carry on the business with the same consciousness and the same awareness of the importance of always doing everything possible to get the best.