Since the foundation of Effesalumi, the pillars of this company have had the products’ quality as their focal point. This truth represented for us the main point and allowed to build a decades-long history up to today. The concept of quality is applied in Effesalumi to every aspect that satisfies the creation of excellent products that combine tradition and innovation.

Through this quality objective, Effesalumi has created added value in the products by investing in technological development, continuous improvement, organizational efficiency, obtaining in return constant company growth.

Certifications represent a cornerstone of this growth, an obligatory step that has made possible to raise the level of production standards. Since the beginning of the 2000s, we have added voluntary certifications to the self-control plan involving quality, the supply chain, BRC traceability, up to the achievement of the highest current standards such as the IFS certifications, which we are currently certified on both production sites: for fresh and seasoned products.