Effesalumi believes in the simplicity and tradition of its product, using only Italian pork.

100% Italian Product

The company Effesalumi has always believed in the simplicity and tradition of its products, favoring the choice of Italian pork. In fact, over the years, the owner has selected slaughterhouses and farms able to provide him with meat from pigs born, raised and slaughtered in Italy, thus creating the "Gran Filiera" Effesalumi.


Today, in the light of recent regulations, Effesalumi always guarantees the "Origin: Italy" of the pigmeat used, thanks to systematic checks on slaughterhouses, checks in production and the application of a consolidated traceability system. All this to offer a product "100% Italian"

Products worked with dedication and passion by capable and experienced hands according to the family tradition

High quality standards of Effesalumi’ products have always been an incentive for this company to continuous improving and still improve ourselves through new projects and creations. Effesalumi brand remarks the experience, the commitment and the creative flair into unique products, made to enhance the palate and the senses of true gourmets. The Effesalumi cured meats are made with dedication and passion by capable and expert hands according to the traditional family.


Gluten-free, lactose-free and dairy-free.

Simple and genuine products, excellent for every palate, even for the most demanding consumers because they are "Allergen Free" (Reg. EU 1169/2011), "Gluten Free", "Lactose Free" and " without Dairy Products".